The Problem

Are you trying to maintain your own Data Centre, but it costs too much time and money? KoloKation can help!

Don’t spend hours researching colocation costs ..

You shouldn’t have to think about how much colocation space is going to cost, and all the emails and phone calls you’ll have to make just to get a simple answer.

Let Kolokation make it easy!

Save time and money, and make all your colo problems go away

We find that many of our customers, like you, struggle to find colocation space at a reasonable cost without having to send hundreds of emails and take calls from pesky sales people.

Kolokation takes the stress away, giving you access to Data Centres across the globe, with an instant price calculator to allow you to change location, rack size, power input and bandwidth depending on your requirements.

Save yourself some time, and simply input your requirements into the calculator to get an instant colo cost.

here’s what you get

Business benefits of using Kolokation data centers

Provide your business a convenient and efficient way to fully maintain infrastructure in the years to come. 

Lower Costs

Reduce your costs, to use elsewhere in the business.

As you won’t be the only customer in a Coloation space, you will benefit from the economies of scale each Data Centre works on. The cost to the Data Centre for power is much less than if you were to run the same equipment in house. Therefore, you save money on power and work on considerably lower running costs for the same stack. 

Peace of Mind

Never have to worry about your systems being online again.

Colocation Data Centres build sophisticated redundancies into their power supply, cooling grid and internet connectivity. This means that your systems will be online at all times, and you’ll never have to worry about redundant power supplies or backup connectivity again. 

Room to Grow

Expand your IT space externally, so you have more room internally to grow.

Never worry about having space to buy that additional server, or how you’re going to fit that new firewall into your rack at the office. Once you move your infrastructure into Colocation you’ll never have to worry about room to expand again. 

I created Kolokation out of a frustration at how much time it was taking me to research for colocation space. So Kolokation was created. We wanted to create a platform where people could get instant pricing on their specific requirements. No phone calls. No waiting for quotes. Just instant, accurate pricing. 

— Simon Richardson

Here’s how to get started

Lower Costs. Peace of Mind. Room to Grow. 


Find your location

Choose your colocation requirements from the drop-down menus.


We’ll get you unstuck

Get a live, instant price tailored to your exact requirements.


Get back to business

Never have to worry about redundant power supplies or backup connectivity again.

Get PricingWhat’s your preferred location?

Get an instant cost, based on your exact location requirements.

You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

At the right price. In the right location. With the best possible connectivity.

How do you calculate a price?

Kolokation scour the market to find you the best possible prices for each Data Centre we use. The prices are calculated based on your exact requirements, so you never pay for more than what you need and you always have the option to expand if required.

How long before I can start using my Colocation space?

You can start using your Kolokation space around a week after your purchase. This time is required to set up your required internet connection and ensure everything is in place for you to get started.

Is there a minimum amount of space we can rent?

We only price on a minimum of ¼ of a rack. You can purchase in ¼ rack increments up to whatever space you require.

What happens if I need more space in the future?

You can add space to your existing rack or any of our other locations at any point.

Are there any additional/hidden costs?

There are no additional/hidden costs in our pricing. You will be charged VAT if you are a UK company.

How am I billed?

We bill at the start of the month each month. If your contract begins on a date within the month e.g. the 12th, then your first bill will be prorated. You will be billed on a monthly basis, for the duration of your contracted term.

What payment methods do you support?

Card payment and bank transfer payment in £ Sterling.

How can I get a custom quote?

Just email one of our helpful team will be in touch.

Does pricing include power?

Each ¼ rack includes 2Amps of power as standard. As part of the instant pricing, you can edit this up to 6Amps if required.

Is it possible for you to manage my assets?

We can manage your assets and assist with UK based installations if required. Please contact

A Little Of Our Story

Kolokation’s aim is to make buying colocation space, as quick and simple as possible.

Kolokation was born out of a frustration. A frustration at how long it took to research, and ultimately purchase colocation space. Simon Richardson created Kolokation to make searching for a colocation space as easy as possible.

After hours spent trawling through the Internet, researching companies, requesting pricing, phone call after phone call he decided there had to be a better way ..